Network of Swiss Economists Abroad

Swiss Economists

Network Alumni

Name Position Affiliation
Benkert, Jean-Michel PhD Student University of Zurich
Brülhart, Marius Professor Université de Lausanne
Bütler, Monika Professor Universität St. Gallen
Fresard, Laurent Professor University of Lugano
Funk, Patricia Associate Professor University of Lugano
Fuster, Andreas Economic Advisor Swiss National Bank
Gabler, Alain Economist Swiss National Bank
Gagliardini, Patrick Professor University of Lugano
Gerritzen, Berit PhD candidate Harvard University (Kennedy School), University of St. Gallen
Grether, Jean-Marie Professor Université de Neuchâtel
Hepenstrick, Christian Economist Swiss National Bank
Hodler, Roland Professor University of St.Gallen
Jametti, Mario Associate Professor University of Lugano
Kueng, Lorenz Assistant Professor University of Lugano, Northwestern University
Kugler, Peter Professor Universität Basel
Lehmann, Tobias A. PhD Student Kellogg School of Management
Luechinger, Simon Assistant Professor University of Lucerne
Madiès, Thierry Professor Université de Fribourg
Neusser, Klaus Professor Universität Bern
Odermatt, Christoph Data Manager Swiss National Bank
Robert-Nicoud, Frédéric Professor Université de Genève
Rohner, Dominic Professor University of Lausanne
Scherrer, David Risk Manager Die Mobiliar
Schmidheiny, Kurt Associate Professor Universität Basel
Thoenig, Mathias Professor Université de Lausanne
Tille, Cedric Professor University of Geneva
Wunsch, Conny Professor University of Basel
Yanni, Pierre-Yves Assistant Professor Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

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